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Shed Removal in Bellingham MA

Shed removal! We like to remove sheds! Mike's Removal & Recycling has done shed removal for many years. We'll tear down and remove the shed for you, all for a reasonable price.

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IMG 2912
  • IMG 2912
    Wooden shed before removal.
  • IMG 2914
    Shed mostly demolished.
  • IMG 2913
    Nothing left but memories.
  • IMG 2978
    Old wooden shed ready to be demolished.
  • IMG 2979
    Old wooden shed nearly gone.
  • Mikes Removal 001
    Big old shingled shack ready to be cut up.
  • Mikes Removal 028
    Cutting up the shed.
  • Mikes Removal 041
    Only half a shed left.
  • Mikes Removal 042
    The shed has been demolished an loaded on our trailer.
  • Gray-shed1
    A shed in the process of being removed.
  • Gray-shed2
    The shed collapsed, except for the roof.
  • Gray-shed3
    No more shed!
  • Shedremoval-gray-black1
    Big shed before removal.
  • Shedremoval-gray-black2
    Side view of big shed.
  • Shedremoval-gray-black3
    Big shed with front side removed.
  • Shedremoval-gray-black4
    Flat as a pancake and nobody hurt -- a sign of a pro at work!
  • Shedremoval-gray-black5
    Shed removed with space waiting to be reclaimed.

IMG 2912

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Our custom-built trash removal trailer can handle the job! We'll properly dispose of your trash, not like some low-price guys.

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